Stephanie Linus preps Women’s War film

By Content Nigeria reporter
May 5, 2023


Nollywood actor, director and producer Stephanie Linus (Through the Glass, Dry) is set to produce a historical movie titled When Women Were Counted.

Stephanie Linus

The movie is based on the so-called Women’s War, or the Aba Women’s Protest, of 1929, when more than 10,000 Nigerian women protested against economic and sociopolitical tyranny in Bende, Umuahia and other parts of Igboland.

Linus said: “Working on this movie since 2018 has been a spiritual awakening of some sort for me and my team. It’s been six years, and I am glad to announce that we are ready.

“Working with some of the best minds – a historian and my writer – to put this together has been a very emotional journey. There’s a lot to tell about the women of that era – our foremothers. The ones whose voices were not diminished, they did not hide under patriarchy, they were communal, brave, outspoken, unashamed – and they fought for what they believed in.”

When Women Were Counted is written by Linus, historian Ibe Gerald Oluchi (The Road to Biafra) and screenwriter Joy Isi Bewaji (Marriage Onions in Wedding Blues).

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