StarTimes brings satellite to 1,000 villages

By Content Nigeria reporter
November 1, 2019


Pay TV operator StarTimes has  completed its effort to bring satellite television to 1,000 villages across Nigeria.

David Zhang

The move is part of a bid to ensure local communities and disadvantaged people have access to information.

StarTimes chief operating officer Tunde Aina said the solar-powered project, which comes via a grant from the Chinese government, will be managed and maintained by StarTimes for a period of five years.

“The essence of this project is that we want to grant access to people who are disadvantaged, who otherwise cannot afford to access information.”

StarTimes CEO David Zhang commended the Nigerian and Chinese governments for giving the company the opportunity to embark on the project.

“I wish to applaud the Nigeria Government, respective state governors and officials as well as the Chinese Government for the cooperation, support and guidance that was extended to StarTimes Nigeria being the implementation agency for this project in not only promoting access to digital television across the country but also enhancing people-to-people cultural exchange.

“Over the past year, we have gone across the country into different states working with local leaders and communities to successfully implement this project. We have experienced the different cultural aspects of the country and all we have to report is the warm welcome, cooperation and goodwill we received and the great appreciation by the beneficiaries of this project.

“It is our belief that this project is a true testament of what can be achieved in cooperation between governments and the input of the private sector in promoting the socio-economic and political prosperity of our economies.”

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