Smithsonian lands at Extreme Airport Africa

By Content Nigeria reporter
December 22, 2023

Factual series Extreme Airport Africa

Smithsonian Channel in the US is gearing up to launch another series focusing on high-octane aviation stories in early 2024 with Rare Television’s Extreme Airport Africa.

The 8×60′ series will launch on January 7 and follows the action at Johannesburg’s two biggest international airports, as well as urban helicopter crews flying life-or-death medivac missions and aviation teams in Botswana and Madagascar protecting and serving humans and animals.

To make the series, London-based independent documentary, factual and formats producer Rare TV secured access to the region’s busiest airline, private wildlife reserves and national park anti-poaching teams, marking its first foray into wildlife programming.

The series follows Smithsonian Channel’s series Ice Airport Alaska, which also comes from Rare TV and is now filming its fifth season.

Rare TV’s VP of US development Christian Broadhurst, who executive produced Extreme Airport Africa, said: “Southern Africa is one of the most beautiful and extreme places on earth. The region relies on aviation, not just for tourism but for protecting its incredible wildlife from poaching and habitat loss.

“Aircraft big and small, alongside a vast fleet of helicopters, makes this aviation series a thrilling watch and we feel privileged to have worked with so many passionate individuals, institutions and government bodies who are all trying to protect the region’s stunning biodiversity for future generations.”

Rare TV’s US showrunner Greg Chivers also executive produced the series and added: “The series is a jaw-dropping showcase for Southern Africa and African aviation. These flights are white-knuckle thrill rides through epic landscapes. The action is authentic and the stakes are as high they come.”

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