SA wildlife doc for French prodco Pernel

By Content Nigeria reporter
December 6, 2023

South Africa’s Karoo Basin

Paris-based prodco Pernel Media is making a documentary following an excavation in South Africa that is investigating the origins of mammals.

Pernel Media has gained exclusive access to a recent discovery in South Africa’s Karoo Basin by South African and French palaeontologists Bruce Rubidge and Julien Benoit. The duo and their team have unearthed the oldest known therapsid deposit, dating back 268 million years. These fossils represent the oldest mammalian ancestors ever found.

The 1×90’ film will follow the 2024 excavation and ongoing research. “CGI and VFX will bring back to life the extinct therapsid and their ancient world,” say the producers. The film will be directed by Thomas Cirotteau and co-written with Eric Pincas.

“This discovery marks a significant turning point in our understanding of mammal ancestors, which are also our ancestors. It’s not often that we come across palaeontologist endeavours of such scientific significance, and we take great pride in having secured an exclusive access to this story,” said executive producer Céline Payot Lehmann.