Romcom Lobola Man bound for Netflix

By Content Nigeria reporter
June 21, 2024

Lobola Man

Romantic comedy Lobola Man, from production company Burnt Onion, will make its debut on global streaming platform Netflix next month.

Lobola Man follows the journey of Ace Ngubeni as he navigates the complexities of love and offers professional services to grooms and their families in negotiating Lobola, a customary dowry in South African culture.

When a potential client, Duke Maseko, offers Ace a lucrative payout to negotiate an impossible deal regarding his future wife, Ace accepts the challenge. However, upon meeting Duke’s fiancée, Ace realises the task is more daunting than he anticipated.

The cast includes Sandile Mahlangu, Thembsie Matu, Nimrod Nkosi, Lawrence Maleka, Letuka Dlamini, and Nimrod Nkosi. The show will debut on July 12.