REDTV unveils chatshow

By Content Nigeria reporter
September 13, 2019


Lifestyle channel REDTV has launched its own chatshow, titled Red Hot Topics.

Red Hot Topics

Produced on set in the new studios of REDTV, the show follows the success of drama series The Men’s Club and will feature a panel of 12 young people who openly discuss hot topics that affect everyday life including relationships, business, infidelity, human choices and more.

Bola Atta, executive producer of the show, said: “Red Hot Topics is a chatshow that will change how people think and act in a positive way. The conversations of the vibrant youths are as essential as they are interesting and engaging. The cast is fun, honest and fresh, all speaking straight from the heart, with no holds barred.”

The show can be watched on REDTV’s YouTube channel.

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