Nollywood’s Kanaani gets cinema release

By Content Nigeria reporter
August 25, 2023

Kanaani revolves around human trafficking

Nollywood film Kanaani, directed by Tola Olatunji, is set to premiere in Nigerian cinemas on September 15.

Kanaani, which means ‘promised land,’ is distributed by Lagos-based FilmOne Entertainment and had its US premiere at the prestigious Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills in April this year. The cast includes Robb Hudspeth, Ayo Kosh and Joseph Benjamin.

Produced by filmmaker Jennifer Akporehe, the film is about the global human-trafficking crisis. It follows the lives of two young lovers who decide to leave Nigeria for greener pastures, but things do not turn out as they envisioned.

Olatunji said: “The idea behind Kanaani was not just to entertain but to create an impact and change lives. [There is] nothing more satisfying than to watch viewers’ reactions right after the screening. The shock factor, arguments, discussions and emotions that it triggers in people that makes them wait behind just to discuss the movie has been mind-blowing.”

Akporehe added: “It has been a year-and-a-half, multiple countries and a gazillion time zones later, and with the help of everyone who contributed to this project in some form or fashion, we are glad to announce that Kanaani the movie is finally here.”

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