Opara calls for relevant content at NIFS

By Content Nigeria reporter
September 2, 2022


Dr Ngozi Opara, dean of the School of Media & Communication at the Pan-Atlantic University of Lagos, spoke about the need to produce relevant content at the Nigerian International Film & TV Summit (NIFS) this week.

Dr Ngozi Opara at NIFS

“For us as marketers and content producers, we need to pay attention to the type of content we produce and the implications of this content to the world, because whatever happens may affect us in one way or the other,” she said.

She stressed the fact that in the communication and digital era, changes are occurring every day and there is a need to know the kind of content to give your audience.

“The internet has changed how information is consumed and people are keying into these changes and adapting their business models. How can we improve the kind of content we give consumers, because they should no longer be taken for granted,” she said.

“With the ever-increasing devices and platforms, we can understand how consumers get the most value out of the content we produce.

“Our audiences choose how to consume content, you don’t force them to. For you to succeed, you have to use a content format that allows them to use their different devices.

She spoke about the effects of disruptions on people and the importance of technology which can extend the possibilities of man.

“Digital disruptions describes the change that happens when digital technology, services,and capabilities affect and change the value of the industry’s existing services and goods,” she added.

Understanding the place of digital disruptions means that things are changing that can affect content produced in a good or bad way, she said. Disruption should be an opportunity for us to move with the times.

“Disruption should be based on innovation that will help us create morals and ethics needed to promote human dignity. We should produce responsible content and consumption that will leave the world better than we find it,” she concluded.

NIFS, founded by SuperTV CEO Ijeoma Onah, took place this week in Lagos, Nigeria.

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