Mediawan, TV5Monde develop daily drama

By Content Nigeria reporter
October 26, 2023

The Best is Yet to Come

The sub-Saharan Africa-based arm of French prodco Mediawan, Mediawan Africa, and global French-language channel TV5Monde have partnered to develop a daily drama series called The Best is Yet to Come.

The 220×26’ series aims to become the first daily show that caters to a family audience in French-speaking Africa. The plot follows a group of students who navigate the path to adulthood, caught between tradition and modernity.

On an international campus in Africa, five young people who have nothing in common are forced to live together in a villa while awaiting their student accommodation. The explosive situation will have consequences for all the characters in the series including professors, other students, parents and residents of the town where the campus is located.

Mediawan Africa said the series will create jobs for hundreds of writers, artists and technicians in Africa’s audiovisual sector, while nurturing the development of emerging talents on the continent.

The creative teams of Mediawan Africa’s Keewu Production and TV5Monde will work closely with talent who will receive training and writing workshops organised with the support of the Beninese government.

The initiative will be driven by the Beninese government through Sèmè City, a regional hub in higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as through the Arts & Culture Development Agency.

“The Best is Yet to Come offers a unique opportunity to train hundreds of professionals in various fields, from scriptwriting to production, direction, post-production, as well as artistic and technical roles,” Mediawan Africa said in a statement.