Mbele’s Ayeni unveils PartyJollof Africa

By Content Nigeria reporter
April 12, 2024


Nigerian digital creator and software engineer Peter Ayeni, best known for his award-winning digital educational platform Mbele, has launched a movie database platform called PartyJollof Africa.

Peter Ayeni

PartyJollof Africa allows African filmmakers to showcase their work, gain visibility and connect with audiences far and wide, according to Ayeni. He described the platform as “Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb on safari.”

The launch of the platform was driven by a passion for showcasing the wealth of African entertainment to the world, Ayeni added. Its mission is to serve as the premier destination for creators and viewers alike, providing a centralised hub that bridges the gap between the stories of Africa and a global audience eager for authentic, compelling content.

“I have never been as excited about a project since I built Mbele in 2017 like I am with Party Jollof. I promise you I am definitely going hard on this one. This is one for the continent and for every creator who has moved African movies forward and to those coming behind to inherit a vibrant industry they will be proud of,” Ayeni said.

“Imagine if Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb went on a safari, got lost in the vibrant landscapes of Africa, and decided to start a family. The result? PartyJollof Africa. It’s like they had a baby that’s obsessed with African cinema and television, but with a spicy twist. Party Jollof Africa isn’t just another platform; it’s where the rich tapestry of African storytelling comes to play, dance and occasionally throw jollof rice at each other in celebration.

The platform will allow users to “feast on the latest reviews, dive deep into the careers of your favourite African stars and get lost in tales as diverse as the continent itself,” claimed the digital creator.

“Whether you’re looking to savour the classics or spice up your watchlist with something new, PartyJollof Africa has got you covered – no passport required. Join the party where every film and TV show is a main dish, served hot and ready to enjoy.”