Magic Carpet lands Legends of Bulan

By Content Nigeria reporter
March 17, 2023


Nigerian animation house Magic Carpet Studio has unveiled its new 3D animated miniseries, titled Legends of Bulan.

Ferdy Ladi Adimefe

Legends of Bulan is a fictional saga inspired by the history and chronicles of past African heroes.

Lagos-based Magic Carpet described it as “an epic journey into the millennials before our time. It explores retrofuturism as a sub-genre and its cinematic thrill is a hypnotic blend of immersive African culture, modern imagination and technology.”

Ferdy Ladi Adimefe, CEO of the studio, announced the show as part of a pipeline of stories curated for the next few years.

They include period romantic thriller The Passport of Mallam Ilia, adapted from the 1960 novel by Nigerian author Cyprion Ekwensi, and sitcom Meet the Igwes, about “a family trapped in a class war,” said Adimefe.

“I grew up watching animated content created by big companies like DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar and Cartoon Network and we are here to share some of the biggest stories with the rest of the world. Africa is sitting on a treasure trove of stories yet untold,” he said.

“In Legends of Bulan, legends at war need to unite to face their greatest enemy. It was created from history, culture, African mythology all the way to Timbuktu and the Zulu, Asante and Oyo empires.

“From lovable characters to breathtaking landscapes and thrilling action, our talented team of animators bring the amazing story to life with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled artistry.”