Ericsson, SkyMax in African 5G pact

By Content Nigeria reporter
August 12, 2022


Telecommunications company Ericsson and wireless communications firm SkyMax Network have signed a deal to build a 5G broadband network across sub-Saharan Africa.

Todd Ashton

Through the partnership, Ericsson will explore opportunities in end-to-end business and technology solutions, including radio access and mobile transport network solutions and business support systems.

SkyMax, meanwhile, will increase the development of broadband networks in sub-Saharan Africa by sharing its 5G digital service delivery platform with incumbent service providers.

In addition, SkyMax will be able to leverage Ericsson technology and train and certify service providers, individuals and businesses through its entrepreneurship development strategy so they can best take advantage of the value private 5G will bring to areas such as e-agriculture, smart buildings and smart cities.

Wilfrid Aissi, president and CEO of SkyMax, said: “SkyMax is committed to bringing solutions to the challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa, developing new service opportunities and revolutionising the data-centric market in the region.

“Over the last two years, we have collaborated with Ericsson to bring the best offerings to sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on accelerating 5G adoption to drive financial and social inclusion while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing energy efficiency. With this MoU [memorandum of understanding], we look forward to more collaboration and synergy between the two companies that will accelerate the digitisation of the region.”

Todd Ashton, VP and head of Ericsson South and East Africa, added: “The work we have done together with SkyMax over the last two years has further convinced us that Ericsson’s continuous research and development focus and leadership in 5G is providing the specific solutions needed to increase economic growth and financial inclusion while accelerating adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. We look forward to working with SkyMax Network to capture the opportunities that we can offer the region together and accelerate Africa in motion.”

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