Elegba unveils Area Daddy

By Content Nigeria reporter
April 23, 2020


Spoof Animation’s Ayodele Elegba reveals how his new animated series Area Daddy delves into the generation gap in the African family.

Ayodele Elegba

Ayodele Elegba, president of the Association of Comic Makers of Nigeria and MD of Lagos-based Spoof Animation, is launching a new animated series called Area Daddy (10×6’).

The cartoon is produced by Spoof, France’s Lagardère Studios and its Senegal subsidiary Keewu Productions, and is based on a show that won Elegba the first edition of Digital Lab Africa’s transmedia category in 2016.

What inspired you to create Area Daddy?
At Spoof Animation, we are driven by our core values, namely passion, love, excellence, accountability, speed and consistency in delivering quality content. By creating Area Daddy, we are bringing the challenges of the generation gap in the African family setting to the screen using the medium of animation.

What message is the show passing across to its audience?
Area Daddy is the story of a typical African family who have to deal with the modern day technological advancements and moral values. It is the story of a strict retired soldier, General Koko, who is still stuck in the glories of his generation’s past, and manages the day-to-day challenges of running his family in the modern age of social norms and tech advances.

Area Daddy

His wife, Loretta, who doubles as a mother, also tries as much as possible to bridge the gap between the perspective of her children – Vivian, Boniface and Jojo – and her husband’s ancient one.

The series received international funding for its pilot episode but we are currently working on a 10-episode family TV series.

What other shows are you working on?
Our other upcoming animated content includes Hero Corp, which is an animated television series franchise that features a team of fictional superheroes. This is an action-packed TV series featuring Spoof’s comic characters like Vantage, Boxsa and Strikeguard and Jinx, bringing together their hero recruitment effort to defeat the unprecedented threat to earth. We have other episodes lined up which will be produced but we are sourcing for sponsorships.

We emerged winner for the 2016 Digital Lab Africa Competition. Spoof has also been nominated in several animation film festivals and has worked with such brands as Coca-Cola, Heineken and Learn Africa. Our animated 2D short for the Strikeguard comic book adaptation was also globally received in 2017 at the Lagos Comic Convention, among other 2D shorts created.

Ayodele Elegba is the president of the Association of Comic Makers of Nigeria, a body that seeks to promote the interest of Nigerian comic creators all over the globe. He is also founder and MD of Spoof Animation, a leading animation and content producer in Nigeria, which he founded in 2015.

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