Duo exit Celebrity Housemates

By Gabriella Opara
February 8, 2018

Muma Gee and Jaywon

Two Celebrity Housemates (CHM) participants have left the reality TV show following the latest round of evictions.

The third week of CHM saw contestants begging for votes from the public in order to continue their stay in the reality show.

On the eviction day, five contestants faced possible eviction: Yomi Fash Lanso, Jaywon, Muma Gee, Frederick Leonard and Eniola Badmus.

Badmus was the first to be saved from the chop by the number of votes she gained from viewers. Lanso and Leonard were also saved by public votes.

That left the two evictees – Muma Gee and Jaywon – with 60 seconds to say their goodbyes, whereupon they were asked to exit the house.

After his eviction, Jaywon said: “I used to believe I knew it all. I wasn’t used to doing house chores before the show – I can’t even remember the last time I washed my clothes before Celebrity Housemates. Being here taught me to do these things. Now, it’s like an exercise routine for me.

“I started getting tired of the house the day Ada Ameh was evicted, because she was my closest companion. She [treated] me like a brother and son and was always there for me. I remember when I was down in the house, Ada Ameh brought me medications and also brought tea to me every morning and night to ensure I was OK.

“What made it worse was that she got evicted the same day Funky Mallam got booted out too, and Funky Mallam was my roommate. Ever since, leaving the house was no longer going to hit me or shock me anymore.”

Muma Gee, meanwhile, was full of praise for fellow housemate Leonard: “It was a very good opportunity for me to even meet with someone who understands the real me, and could let me out of my shell with his intelligence and maturity. I had never met Frederick before the show and when I met him, it was like a new wine and life entirely for me.”

However, she questioned the authenticity of some of the show’s other participants: “Some of them were living a fake life in the house, all in the name of winning the grand prize. But I lived my life like I always do. It was a very great experience and opportunity for me to learn a lot even from some of the guests who came to talk to us.”

Badmus was nominated as the new house captain after competing with Doris Simeon for the role. Although she seemed very reluctant to take the baton from Ruggedman, she later took control, stating that she would supervise all the chores that needed to be done in the house.

Celebrity Housemates airs 24 hours a day on Dope TV. It also airs weekdays on WAP TV at 21.00; Silverbird Television at 20.30; NTA at 17.30; TVC Entertainment at 23.30; and PRTV at 22.30.

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