Comic Republic, USG to develop TV shows

By Content Nigeria reporter
April 28, 2023

Comic Republic’s Vanguards

Nigerian publishing company Comic Republic has partnered with LA-based Universal Studio Group (USG) to develop a slate of TV series and movies based on characters from its Vanguards Universe.

The Vanguards Universe revolves around what happens when members of the first race – humanity’s self-proclaimed gods – reunite to punish the people of Lagos for the sins of the Guardian. Those who have decided to be heroes and protectors are forced to become humankind’s first line of defense, the Vanguards.

Through the deal, USG-owned Universal Content Productions (UCP) and UCP-based label Mad Massive Entertainment will have access to at least 14 characters that are core to the Vanguards world, including Aje, Eru, Metalla and Sango, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jide Martin, founder of Comic Republic, said: “With every stroke, line, panel and page, Comic Republic has brought you a variety of African-based stories and characters and celebrated over 10 years of simply epic storytelling and expression. It is a first-of-its-kind partnership to develop series and characters based on over 10 authentic African stories.

“And now we’re thrilled to announce a huge collaboration with Universal Studios. Together, we’re going to bring these stories and characters to your screens in a whole new way. Get ready for double the adventure, double the action and double the drama.”

The projects will be executive produced by American screenwriter Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, who said: “In the last year or so my production company, Mad Massive, has been developing a nice little slate over at Universal. And I’m real amped about this one.

“The opportunity to develop multiple TV shows, an entire universe, based on heroic West African characters. Really grateful to Katie Zucker from Mad Massive and Brandon Lawrence from CAA for working for over a year to land this complicated deal. Stay tuned!”