CN Africa unveils YouTube series

By Content Nigeria reporter
November 10, 2020


Cartoon Network Africa has unveiled a new original production titled CN to the Rescue which will premiere on YouTube on November 14.

The seven-episode series follows Tapiwe Lembwa (aka Taps), a creative and fun-loving youngster with a knack for getting into trouble.

With the help of his cartoon friends and visits to his imagination room – a mental archive of everything that he’s ever seen on Cartoon Network – he solves daily household issues in a surprising and imaginative way, according to the producers.

The show features the voice of African comedian André Lembwa, who will play four characters, including Taps’ nerdy younger brother Garcia, their glamorous mom Lyzette and the happy-go-lucky Gogo.

The aim is to keep audiences laughing with African humour and fresh content relating to everyday situations in an African household.

Lembwa said: “I am ecstatic to be part of CN to the Rescue on Cartoon Network Africa’s YouTube channel. This collaboration is an all-new format that combines the power of Cartoon Network with the clever use of local comedy and humour. I know that young audiences and families across Africa rate Cartoon Network, and I know they will enjoy the crossover of their favourite channel with their soon-to-be-favourite family – The Lembwas!”

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