Auditions held for Big Family Dream S2

By Content Nigeria reporter
December 23, 2022

Oludare Onasanya (second from left) with show sponsors

African financial literacy gameshow The Big Family Dream has announced that auditions for its second season will start this month.

In the show, 16 Nigerian families go head-to-head to manage their family budget. At the end of the season, the family with the highest account balance wins the dream prize, ranging from a three-bedroom apartment to a car, scholarship, dream holiday, home appliances or vacation.

Oludare Onasanya, producer of the show, said: “We gather here today to announce and celebrate another opportunity for Nigerian families to get on the big family dream TV show.”

Auditions will be held in Lagos (December 26), Enugu (January 7) and Abuja (January 14). To register, click here.

The show is produced by Lekki-based Bafot Studios and sponsored by fruit drink Sosa, Bigi Foods, energy drink Fearless, Lifemate Nigeria and AG Mortgage Bank.