Africa Magic rolls out indigenous series

By Content Nigeria reporter
September 8, 2023


MultiChoice-owned channel Africa Magic is gearing up to launch three new indigenous series this month on its channels Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Igbo and Africa Magic Hausa.

Apo (The Bag) is a Yoruba mystery drama that tells the story of the tenants of the Olanrewaju compound who suddenly find a mysterious bag containing money, a charm and a gun, leading to greed and rivalry taking over and a series of twisted events.

Iwe (Anger) – is an Igbo drama series that tells the story of two kingdoms, Oba-Ekwe and Idu Amaja, which were once united. However, prosperity, jealousy and greed caused them to separate, leaving two royal siblings to divide the kingdoms.

Lastly, Kariya (Sanctuary) is a 26-episode Hausa romantic drama that follows the journey of two renowned Islamic relationship counselors who are on the brink of divorce after one’s infidelity threatens to become a public scandal.

Apo will debut on Africa Magic Yoruba at 18.30 WAT on September 18, Kariya airs on Africa Magic Hausa at 20.00 WAT on September 22 and Iwe launches on Africa Magic Igbo at 19.00 WAT on September 25.