Africa Channel eyes Brazil for growth

By Content Nigeria reporter
June 7, 2023


US-based cable network The Africa Channel (TAC) is looking to expand its international footprint in Brazil with free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and possibly linear cable networks, as well as boosting local Brazilian content on its platform.

Ava Hall

The channel is currently broadcast in most major cities in the US as well as across the Caribbean. TAC head of content and brand Ava Hall said Brazil was the main focus of TAC’s international expansion plans.

In 2021, TAC expanded its footprint by launching on Samsung TV Plus in Brazil and Mexico as local-language services via its streaming subsidiary Demand Africa. “We are definitely looking to expand our footprint,” said Hall. “Specifically in Brazil, we have a FAST channel that we launched there really as an experiment.

“Since launching in Brazil we have seen the numbers rise, so to us it’s a key indicator that we will look to invest more in Brazil and even explore not just having a FAST channel there but even linear [cable], because there’s still a significant opportunity for peak linear performance in the market as well.”

Such moves have opened up opportunities for local programming, Hall added. “As we launch in new territories, specifically Brazil, we are looking to source local content as well as develop local originals. As a part of the test, we’ve taken our existing library of about 100 hours with dubbing and subtitling, but we really would like to have a more localised strategy and will definitely acquire locally or develop original localised content.”

TAC is also exploring plans for French-language feeds in other regions, said Hall, who joined TAC in March following a 20-year tenure at rival BET. She added that TAC is also looking to acquire more content from East Africa to sit alongside that from South Africa and Nigeria already on its platform.