Continental Satellite Limited

By Content Nigeria reporter
October 18, 2017


Continental Satellite Limited formerly known as Consat is a privately-owned media and
entertainment company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and operating under the brand name PLAY.

PLAY a Nigerian-grown and owned business was established with the aim of making information and quality home entertainment services accessible to the rapidly growing and choice conscious Nigerians across all class segments.
PLAY is the un-cultural “trend setter” promoting urbane culture, highlighting the best of movies, kiddies programming, music, sports and fashion.

PLAY is gradually growing into a global urban entertainment brand that is the catalyst, the voice and the one stop destination for urban entertainment creators and fans. Each PLAY platform (TV, Studios, VOD, Events) has a clear mission:
to entertain, empower and engage with a passionate multicultural cross over audience.

PLAY will eventually become the leading urbane young at heart brand in Africa, PLAY TV
Targeting the 0-70 age group, PLAY TV offers the best music hits, exclusive movies, entertainment, cartoon, comedy, lifestyle, fashion and an exclusive behind-the- scene access to top African celebrities: from the latest video clips/concerts of the major urban artists to the most
intimate interviews with A-list champions.

PLAY TV strives to be an acclaimed leader in urban entertainment distribution and broadcasting, with a focus on movies, music, fashion, kiddies programming and many more.

Currently broadcasting over 40 channels at N1,000 a month, growing channel lineup includes news, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, movies, music, kids, religion and indigenous channels.

PLAY distributes a strong channel and programming selection across all genres with something for every member of the family. Full family entertainment is guaranteed.
PLAY's main objective is to deliver quality, affordable and dependable Pay-TV Satellite services and entertainment to Nigerian families and we are fully committed to supporting and promoting the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry by delivering the best in Nigerian culture, music, entertainment and lifestyle to a worldwide audience.

Play Studios is positioned to become one of the major operating studios in
Lagos, with over 5 different studios in the Play facility, Play Studios have an enviable experience of providing the finest production services from
development through post production.
Play Studios is an international leader in the production of film and TV entertainment. We are willing to engineer partnerships with projects large and small in a ceaseless effort to create celebrated movies, music videos, television shows, and commercials. All our studios are tailor made to suit the specific needs of our entire clientele.

There are almost countless types of events, some
are demanded frequently by customers, others seldom and in-depth information about the most 
important types of events.
At play we give life to every event, street storm, campus activations, tour etc from event management to syndication. We syndicate live coverage of events across multiple platforms which includes FTA, DTH, FTV, Mobile, Online Streaming ETC. We have the capacity, equipment to make your events grand and accessible
 to everyone.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @PLAY_Nigeria
Instagram: @play_nigeria
Facebook; PlayNigeria
Whatsapp: 08171897798
Phone: 012778690