3Flix mobile TV service unveiled

By Content Nigeria reporter
October 9, 2018


Telecoms service provider Airtel Nigeria and Coverage Broadband, a subsidiary of Phase3 Telecom, have formed an alliance to launch a mobile TV service called 3Flix in Nigeria.

Dinesh Balsing

Through the partnership, subscribers will have unlimited access to live TV channels via 3Flix, showing sports, cartoon, movies, music, lifestyle, fashion and comedy as long as they sign up to a unique data plan on Airtel.

The features of 3Flix include premium content packages that are intended to be affordable, simple to use and can be streamed live. In addition, the 3Flix TV app can be downloaded on Play Store and accessed on any smartphone.

“Airtel is positioned as the mobile internet service provider of first choice for Nigerians and currently we have the largest 4G network in the country,” said Dinesh Balsing, acting chief commercial officer at Airtel Nigeria.

“We are excited by the partnership with 3Flix as we will enable more telecoms consumers to enjoy all the fun that mobile TV provides; keep abreast of the latest news; follow-up with celebrities; and watch their favourite sports team on the go, regardless of location.”

Stanley Jegede

Stanley Jegede, CEO of Phase3 Telecom, added that Coverage Broadband was established because of the opportunities sighted by Phase3 in the emerging markets and the need for Airtel to provide unique mobile TV service for clients without having to consume so much data.

“While 3Flix mobile TV will continue to expand its library of great content, we are particularly excited that the product is designed to adapt in features, technology and aggregation just as the viewing and immersive experience of consumers continue to evolve,” he said.

Vikram Bhatnager, executive director of Coverage Broadband, added: “The entire team is armed with the required expertise to see 3Flix take the lead in the world of bringing affordable, ingenious and quality digital content that subscribers can watch everywhere on their preferred mobile device.”

To launch 3Flix, Coverage Broadband has acquired a value-added service licence from the Nigerian Communications Commission and also a mobile TV/OTT broadcast licence from the National Broadcasting Commission.

3Flix is a live TV service focused on emerging markets. It has over 22 channels including HFA TV, TVC, Fox Entertainment, BBC, Eurosport News, MTV Base and other Nigerian content filmed in local languages.

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