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Nigeria adopts The Voice Kids

Nigeria will become the 40th country to air a local version of talent format The Voice Kids after a deal between local broadcaster Fame TV and distributor Talpa Global.

The UK adaptation of The Voice Kids

Fame TV has licensed both the adult and junior versions of the singing series, which will be produced by prodco UN1TY.

Both formats will air on multiple platforms, including NTA network, Ait, Startimes, Fame TV and Teen Africa TV, ensuring viewers can tune in across free-to-air and pay TV outlets.

The deal marks the first time The Voice Kids will air in Nigeria, while in another first, both shows will be taped in the country. Earlier versions of The Voice were filmed in Johannesburg.

The third season of The Voice is expected to air this spring, followed by the first season of The Voice Kids in fall 2020.

Akin Salami, CEO of UN1TY, said: “These are exciting times at many levels for the creative industry in Nigeria and so, we are thrilled about the partnership opportunity with Talpa to present The Voice and The Voice Kids Nigeria to the world from a truly Nigerian perspective. We are looking forward to the long-term engagement opportunities for all our sponsors and we believe this is the start of even greater things to come.”

Meanwhile, TVP in Poland has secured rights to the entire The Voice franchise, confirming three new seasons of each format: The Voice, The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior. All shows are produced by Rochstar.

Poland becomes the 11th country to air a Senior version, while a 10th season of The Voice will air this fall. A third run of Kids is scheduled for January 2020.

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Lara & the Beat movie set for TV spin-off

Lara & the Beat follows two sisters who have to rebuild their lives after a financial scandal

The producer of Nigerian movie Lara & the Beat, released in July, is creating a TV spin-off featuring characters from the film.

The TV series will focus on two female characters from the movie, Lara and Dara, in a new story. It will be produced by Biola Alabi and directed by Tosin Coker, the duo behind the movie.

Biola Alabi

Biola Alabi, CEO of Lagos production company Biola Alabi Media (BAM), said: “We are creating another world around them so we are not just leaving them in the film; we are creating a television series around them.”

Regarding other characters in the movie,  she said: “You will see younger versions of them in books and TV series, even in educational formats, so you might be using them for health campaigns.”

Described by BAM as “a coming-of-age movie,” Lara & the Beat follows two sisters caught in a financial scandal around their late parents’ media empire. They are forced out of their privileged bubble and must learn to build their own future and salvage their family’s past.

Former M-Net chief Alabi has also previously produced BAM food/travel series Bukas & Joints, which airs on AIT, Africa Magic and The Africa Channel in the US, as well as the 2017 movie Banana Island Ghost.

Lara & the Beat’s cast includes Chinedu Ikedieze, Bimbo Manuel, Chioma Akpotha, Lala Akindoju and Uche Jombo. Although the release date for the TV spin-off has not been disclosed, it is already in development.

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Script2Screen star

Anita Abada spoke to Content Nigeria’s Gabriella Opara about her experiences on reality show Script2Screen, being named the best scriptwriter and her plans for the future.

Anita Abada is a tenacious and vibrant lady with a flair for weaving stories together that pop on-screen.

Hailing from the South-South region of Nigeria, Abada followed her dreams of becoming a screenwriter after graduating from the University of Benin. In pursuit of those dreams, she decided to participate in the Script2Screen Africa reality TV show.

Abada spoke to Content Nigeria’s Gabriella Opara about her experiences on Script2Screen, being named the best scriptwriter on the show and her plans.

Anita Abada

What led you to participate in Script2Screen Africa?
I am enthusiastic about filmmaking but most especially using filmmaking as a tool to address social ills. When I stumbled on Script2Screen Africa’s audition posters, the theme – Film as a Catalyst for Revolution – caught my attention and I really wanted to be a part of that movement because I share in the vision and wanted my voice to be heard.

How has the experience been so far?
It was educative and intriguing. There was a lot to learn from every activity and mentor that was invited to the house.

Who was your favourite mentor?
This is a very tough question, I must say. Every mentor that graced the Script2Screen Africa house had something unique to offer. Though we spent more time with some than others, and we grew fond of those we saw on a regular basis, every mentor there had something essential we could tap from their well of knowledge.

You were named the best screenwriter. What helped you achieve this?
Two words: hard work and grace.

Team work was an essential part of the show. How did you cope with working with others under pressure?
I believe a team thrives better when it works in unity, and that was exactly what my team capitalised on. Everyone respected one another’s opinions and ensured the priority was executing our project and not individual differences.

Who was your favourite team member to work with?
Everyone in Group 3 was amazing and pivotal to every project.

You and your team worked together to produce a short film. Tell us about it.
Working on our last short film, The Catalyst, wasn’t an easy task. We had our ups and downs, but we focused on our strength and ensured we gave the project our best shot. In the end, we were glad we were able to put together such amazing work in just 48 hours.

What was the inspiration behind it?
Just like the Script2Screen Africa tag – Film as a Catalyst for Revolution – there was a need to address social ills and bring them to the consciousness of the public.

What have you been up to since the finale of the show?
I am still following my passion for movies and writing. I see to the daily running of my co-founded website – Afri Reviews (www.afrireviews.com), an all-African movie review platform – and I also work as an independent screenwriter.

What is the secret to a good script?
Every scriptwriter should have a unique style and be unapologetic about it. Be creative about the way you tell your stories.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I am a scriptwriter who explores the use of diverse languages in storytelling. I am passionate about telling the African story in a unique and colourful way.

Script2Screen Africa is an annual reality TV show produced by High Definition Film Studios (HDFS), which aims to train aspiring filmmakers.

Anita Abada was among 60 participants who took part in the seventh edition, which aired from March 24 to April 21 on Silverbird TV, Africa Movie Channel, Wazobia, WazobiaMax TV and AIT.

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AIT Music+ ‘to put Nigeria on the map’

Mursty Adinoyi, CEO of Emrose Adinoyi Productions, has said he plans to showcase the beauty of Africa with his new show AIT Music+.

Mursty Adinoyi

The Nigerian entertainment industry owes its development to Lagos-based satellite TV station Africa Independent Television (AIT), he claimed, adding that with AIT Music+, more stars will be created and different aspects of the media industry will be impacted.

Artists with quality content can have their music videos aired for free on the show, he explained. “We don’t take money to play music videos. If your video is good, we’ll play it, and nobody will ask you for one naira,” he said.

AIT Music+, which launched in December 2017, is in its second season and is gaining rapid viewership and ad review due to the quality of the programme, Adinoyi said.

He claimed the show is fast becoming a viewers’ favourite and he ensures it stays that way by using state-of-the-art production equipment that makes the programme “world-class”.

“Virtually everybody in Nigeria keeps saying their brands are international. So what’s actually ‘international’ about AIT Music+? Is it international just because it’s showing in Europe? No. It’s the quality of what we’re giving. Look at the standard. It’s the best thing to happen to Africa. It’s the best right now in Nigeria, representing Africa in Europe.”

Adinonyi emphasised the importance of the production process, saying: “As producers, we are discovering, creating and promoting stars. But we need to do more and create more stars, because if you develop a single person, that person too will develop another and the chain reaction will lead to the development of so many people. So, that to me is a way to develop Africa. And why TV is important to develop Nigeria is that people look at it and do what they see on screen.”

He also suggested that producers should not take advantage of broadcasting companies by misusing airtime or not paying their debts. “Initially, stations were not asking anybody to pay for airtime. But because independent producers kept abusing the opportunity and owing the stations, the management of the stations also began to tighten up. If you’re owing someone, when you have the money make the payment.”

Adinoyi is also the producer and presenter of Hitlist N Cruzin, an entertainment show that has aired on TVC for 11 years.

AIT Music+ airs every weekday on AIT International from 16.30 to 17.30.

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Africa says I do to Wedding Channel

Wedding Channel Africa will air such shows as Barroom Therapy

Africa’s first wedding-focused channel has been launched, providing wedding-related content 24 hours a day.

Wedding Channel Africa promises viewers an array of programmes that will focus on lifestyle, fashion and everything in between linked to weddings.

Content from the channel will also occupy slots on other TV networks, including EbonyLife TV, AIT, Silverbird TV, Fame TV and Ben TV.

Shows broadcasting exclusively on Wedding Channel Africa include Barroom Therapy, Wedding Police and 5 Years After.

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NGO to launch reality show

An information and communication technology (ICT)-themed reality TV show is set to launch in Nigeria.

Geek or Guru will begin broadcasting this year, after being unveiled at the 10th anniversary of non-governmental organisation SEITAC Initiative.

The show will feature 15 contestants competing for a prize of N10m in seed funding, sponsored training abroad and other cash prizes.

The contestants will live together in a house for eight weeks and the show will air on TV channels including Africa Magic, AIT and STV. It will also be available on social media platforms

Geek or Guru is geared towards discovering the talent and enthusiasm in Nigerian youth that will help revolutionise the country’s ICT industry.

“Over the years, we have carried out ICT trainings and empowerment for young men and women in various ways. We tutor them on how to become independent in certain businesses,” said a representative of SEITAC Initiative.

“We also partner with other NGOs to teach our youth how to be more creative through the use of technology. The whole idea is about providing indigenous solutions to the decline in technology adoption in the country.

“Instead of going across the Mediterranean to seek greener pasture abroad, our youths can now look inwards to realise their dreams. We have lost so many talented people to other countries, to the detriment of our economy.”

The launch date of Geek or Guru is yet to be announced.

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